Making rules to describe a panoramic image as being 1 to 2.5 needs to be changed.

For example, if a 180 degree fisheye lens made a 360 degree sweep, the aspect ratio would be 1:2. If a 180 degree anamorphic lens were used, then it might be possible to have a 1:1 ratio that certainly would be panoramic. (don't ask me where to find a anamorphic fisheye lens)

On the other hand, you could use a telephoto lens and make a 1:20 image that would not be panoramic at all.

Over the years I have seem many disagreements about the definition of a panorama and nothing made sense when rules were created, only arguments insued.

Let's just welcome the words "panorama" and "panoramic" and go about the business of making "long skinny pictures". Trust me, my 24 inch by 60 inch Lawrence camera will not finish out to a 1:2.5 ratio, and I guarentee it is PANORAMIC.

Ron in Alaska