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Don, It is quite easy to make a liquid Ferric Oxalate. Dick Stevens's book on the Kallitype list three methods for making Ferric Oxalate. I have also included it in my book. The second method listed in Steven's is the way I make mine, and have been since 1994. The chemicals are not so hard to come by, but as you go up in volume, you really start to see a saving in price. I have it listed on my web site. I don't know if John meant to refer to me, or Eric Nelson ( I have not checked out Eric's site for some time). If you have l;imited lab ware, you may want to follow the other advice and just stay with B&S, but if you have any adventure in you, it takes some time as it does need to settle but it really is quite easy.

Eric Neilsen
Hi Eric,

Wish I did have Steven's book as you know it is a rarity. I do have the facilities for making the FO, however as Kerik noted valuing ones time is a consideration. However the most important issue for me is how long the FO will stay useable and what % concentration would I have.