Wow, I totally agree with Art about the exchanges being about both giving and receiving.

I have participated in the postcard exchange and loved getting all the mail! The idea that someone in say New York City has a small print of mine is thrilling! So many of my images gets put into a box to never see the light of day and I would rather someone has one of them up somewhere to hopefully enjoy. In a way I get to travel without leaving home.
I did an exchange with a very nice fellow from Iceland and when I received his print from my mail carrier I PM'd him right away how much I enjoyed it.
I received one of the best Christmas presents from mikeg! A beautiful print of an image I love! I even got an extra postcard from Nige! That made my day.

I'm about to particpate in both the Group print exchange and the Blind Print exchange and look forward to meeting and sharing with more apug members. What more can you ask for. I'm like everyone else thinking that Oh my God, I hope I can find a print that is worthy, etc. It's more important to just do it!