I thought long and hard about getting involved with this thread. However, I thought I might be able to share some practical experience and application. Wrong again.

I certainly don’t think I was being antagonistic in any way, if I came across that way, my apologies Don. I merely meant that Kodak has lead us down the road of mis information for ever beginning with the speed of their films.

I intended to share with those interested my experiences with regard to reciprocity. I have used Tri-X, FP-4 extensively and Hp-5 and J&C 200 recently and can attest that their reciprocity characteristics are similar.

I don’t have the energy or inclination to argue objectivity about a subjective meduim. I know what has worked for me for years and hoped to enable others with practical experience and application.

It really doesn’t matter whether you embrace SBR methods or Zone System concepts, what matters is the prints. It's too bad not everyone realizes that.

[FONT=Times New Roman] [SIZE=3]“disciples of the windage and elevation school of sensitometry”[/SIZE] [/FONT] Classy comments Don, I’m sure we’ll all here about your tests and results won’t we… do you ever make a damn photograph?