Hi Les,
Thanks for the suggestion. I've got a fotospeed kit I bought a year or two ago not long after I started printing. Not got round to opening it yet. Hoping to try it soon though I need to carry out a wee modification to my 5x6 foot darkroom to obtain more tray space before I go really toner daft.

I've uploaded a jpeg of the picture I was working on to the standard gallery, it's called 'Don't shoot!'. It's scanned from a 10x8 MGIV RC print and selenium toned for more depth only.
I decided to try the selnium/copper tone as I wanted to bring out the detail in the crumbling flats and give an impression of the dusty chaotic conditions I found there. It seems to have worked quite well though I quickly discovered I had to print the faces in the foreground quite light and avoid too long a time in the selenium otherwise the selenium would hold the darker skin tones while the copper picked up the lighter ones and made them look like aliens or something! It's on 12x16 inch MGIV fiber and will hopefully get mounted soon, I just hope it lasts!

It's the first time I've done anything other than straight selenium toning with the fiber as I've not long started working with fiber for the bigger prints I'm trying to get together. It's certainly given me a taste of what can be done. Now where did I put that Sepia kit!