Jonathan, I'm going to TX tomorrow to shoot, among other things, wildflowers that probably won't be there. But I'll be back in a couple of weeks.

Since we live so near to each other, perhaps we should try to get together after I'm back. I'll show you the gear I use to shoot wildflowers, also my tiny little very tippy Benbo 3 that I don't use much. And then perhaps you'll understand why I shoot flowers and such handheld with flash when shooting 35 mm. 2x3 is another matter.

Gary's suggestion to hang the camera upside down is bang on when ground level (and I mean ground level, with the top of the camera in the dirt) is what's needed. That's how its done. But boy, can it be uncomfortable!

When most people say "ground level," they seem to mean "bottom of the tripod platform in the dirt." What with heads and focusing rails and cameras that have some height too, this can put the lens' axis a good distance above ground. By me this is low but not ground level.