I like this thread. In some ways it's almost too easy: I think about photography every day! I am totally into setting parameters and limitations for myself and my work. Some of my commitments, as a 35mm F6 shootist:

Shoot with ONE focal length for an extended period of time. Right now I am six months or so into shooting with just the 50mm focal, even though I ache and yearn for other lenses. I'm hoping to go for one year (next October).

NO ZOOMS. When I do finally shoot other focal lengths, they will be select. Three primes, mastery of each. Perhaps for my next year I'll shoot only with 24mm. Doing this for paid event coverage would be a REAL challenge for me!

NO FLASH. Maximum understanding, respect, and use of available light.

Make exposures as though I am shooting medium format or any larger format. This one is more challenging, especially when covering events.
This obviously means no use of Continuous shoot mode. Less is more.

I am heading for a prohibition of AF and AE very soon I think, for some extended period of time. Much more challenging than the above.

Carry a camera with me always, day job hours being the exception. Right now, I have only the F6, not the easiest camera to put into my pants pocket. Will work on this one somehow.

Social photography and the bravery of public or "street" shooting is going to be one of my next big hurdles.

Pretty pedestrian commitments for many of you veterans I'm sure, but hey, I'm rather new to this craft.