Ok ,
I just booked a jazz group and a good DJ and system for the Sat, * I would rather listen to wind up teeth rattling away on a drum than listen to jazz* but as a good host I am going for it.
We will have a small band area for those who think they can play and entertain. A few friends of mine have said they will play.
Door is open on this one for those attendees who want to jump in. Small sets only , just in case you suck.
Also on the Sat in the vendor area we will have a booth for APUG. Any one willing to donate an hour or two to spread the good news about APUG?
I think there will be quite a large crowd Sat for the mini festival and trade show and I will have sample APUG prints in the booth.
I would imagine Sean will have to man this booth for at least one hour as he was the guy that started this 11thousand Plus organization.