JG Motamedi,
Thanks for the image postings--I happened across a 5D some time ago and acquired it as well as the much larger 4B and I have a 6D as well--there is a significant size difference and my choice to toy with will likely be the 5D as the mounting and support of the other two will be an issue in itself--not sure if it will be worthwhile for me to even try the 4B as it is much larger than the 5D (redundant) but of much less coverage according to the spec sheets--I also have a beautiful 2B that is limited to 4x5 but a very very nice lens (that I've actually used on 5x7 and clipped corners) and still sports it full set of serial numbered waterhouse stops which is rare enough in itself --I also have 4 Lerebours et Secretan Petval lenses and at least one covers at least 8x10 and likely 11x14 but there is so little information on them (that I've found at least) that there is no stated coverage or markings to suggest the FL or aperture as they do not accept waterhouse stops and are about 10 to 15 years before the Dallmeyer Patent Portrait lenses--all mine date to 1850-ish and one supposedly earlier but no way to verify. The Lerebours tend to be more compact and of larger coverage than a similar sized Dallmeyer and these are not magic lantern lenses but portrait petzvals--if I could only get my butt in gear and use them rather than hoarding them !! Again I thank you for your posting and would be very interested in any other images you care to share with us!!