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Jerry, I've got a Kodak 2C Jr. Autographic that is too nice to modify, but otherwise has great potential. The frame size is 73mm x 125mm (on 130 film) so not too far from 6 x 12 and spacers should work fine. Best of all, the entire back comes off so fitting the reels in looks to be very easy.
Hi Paul,

The 2C Pocket I received is in excellent condition; I am starting to think it would be a shame to chop off the door. So first I plan to just modify it to take 120 film and then try out the original lens. I estimate it will have a horizontal angle of view equivalent to a 43mm lens on 35mm film, which is really kind of tight for panoramics I would think. The removable back is kind of nice, plus it already has a built-in pressure plate, so one less mod to make. I had also been thinking about turning the autographic slot into a red window, but the pressure plate blocks access to work on it. I think that if I drill out the four rivets that are visible on the back of the back then the pressure plate will come out, but I will have to get some miniature rivets to replace them.

If I can get 120 mod to work well, then maybe I'll start looking for another 2C to put the wide angle on.