I tested it with the Sonnar 40mm for the needs of a magazine article. Liked the plasticity of the lens, too. The looks of the image made me feel I was using an old Sonnar on a Rollei 35, maybe it was auto-suggestion, maybe not.

I didn't like the camera itself, but I will not start writing "inflamatory" stuff again for I will end up getting banned from the rangefinder forum :-)
I still have to write that I can't understand why they couldn't incorporate a lens-autosensing system to change the frames in the viewfinder. Now the user has to change the size of the frame everytime he/she changes the lens and this will most probably lead to mistakes in the composition if he/she forgets to do it. The frames in the viewfinder only cover the 40, 50 and 80mm lenses. The WA's have to work with external viewfinders.