Mick and PE. Thanks for the replies. I was hoping that a few others might have confirmed or otherwise their recent experiences with Fuji Crystal Archive MP. We must have more than two colour neg users. I'd be very interested to hear if any others have noticed an appreciable drop in the amount of Yellow filtration in recently bought Fuji Crystal Archive MP paper( lustre).

Since posting, I have attempted to make more prints and something interesting has emerged.

Prints are from two Fuji films that I have developed myself using the same process and chemicals as previous films where the Y filtration needed for the prints was considerably higher.

One film was Fuji Superia 100 and exposed in my wife's Olympus compact. Of 10 prints only 5 required any Y filtration, ranging from 2 to 10. The other 5 required 0Y and of these, at least two prints were still too blue. In all cases the M filtration was between 20 and 30.

The other film was Fuji Superia 400 exposed in my Pentax MZ7 and of these I have
only printed 5. In all cases the Y filtration was into double figures of between 10 and 15 and the M filtration was between 30 and 35.

All were shot at the same time in dull,overcast conditions in Prague with snow flurries and some snow on the ground in some shots.

So this seems to reflect Mick's findings of 15Y and it looks as if ( hopefully)the prints from the Fuji 400 film will be OK albeit with low Y filtration but at least two prints from the Fuji 100 will require M and C filtration to correct the blue castand presumably a complete re-calibration of the analyser which for the sake of a couple of prints is a complete PITA.

If I decide to attempt a re-calibration, using M and C instead of M and Y then presumably I will have to use the Y as the "redundant" dial on the analyser for exposure.- normally the C dial acts as the exposure indicator.

If the test neg was correct at 6Y and 30M then can anyone help with how I convert this to M and C filtration. My analyser is the Phillips PCA061. Or do I simply have to start again with M and C guesses until I achieve the same print?

I'd like to hear from anyone using Fuji paper who has experienced the same phenomenon of having very low Y filtration or better still anyone who needed to correct by changing to M and C instead.

I am sure Fuji never intended users to have to use M and C instead of the usual M and Y for printing from colour negs.

Incidentally I have written to Fuji UK's technical department describing the problem. When I get a reply, I'll share it with APUG. It may help others as well as me and its content will hopefully tell us about Fuji's committment to analogue users

Any comments welcome.