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I would agree with the fact that the Fuji paper should not be bad, and that an old bulb will change color temperature.

I am puzzled by the fact that two people seem to be observing a similar problem involving Fuji paper though.

Another thing is this... I have more than 50 years of color negatives printed at exactly the same exposure onto color paper to make proofs. They are within 10R or less than that of having the same color balance. You see, color negative film is made to the same rigid specifications for speed that transparency film is. So, over the long haul, negatives should be printable with almost the same color balance just as transparency film can be shot with little deviation in color balance (less than 10 R).

The entire design of color neg/pos is done to prevent the use of cyan filtration or the use of 3 filters in the beam at one time. This is to simplify the printing process and is also a design factor in the paper, which has the yellow layer on the bottom. If something goes wrong with this, either in the film or paper, then the color prints that result will suffer in some respect.

So, cranking up C may work, but at what cost, I cannot say in the final print.

Though not printing for 50 years, I have been printing colour seriously and daily since 1976. I have never seen the 10 red variance correction factor on colour negative film. in fact it would be a miricale to have this happen in my opinion.

Working with the cyan filter with either the yellow or the magenta wheel at zero is not a day to day situation with any colour paper I have used. Kodak, Konica, Ilford, Fuji , Agfa. Usually this indicates a bad bulb or bad dichroics but as sparky noted crank up the cyan and magenta and you will indeed get yellow correction.

The tolerences in making colour paper is way beyond the scope of most of us practicioners. I am only grateful for the consistencys of product supplied by the major manufactures of photographic emulsions.

There is a saying in photographic lab culture ** operator error ** . Not untill any and all variables are scoured out will a printer in any major lab worldwide, blame the paper that we use.
In fact there is an operator in our town presently who is suggesting that Fuji Crystal Archive Flex material will not work. He is experiencing a red cast on image area and cannot figure the problem. It has been pointed out that it is a latent image pre flash that is causing the problem by various sources myself included. This operator dismisses this and insists it is fuji's problem. I am quite thankful he does not work with me.*operator error*

The problems that occur are usually one not related to the emulsions themselves and need perservernce to find.