hi all...
i found this wonderfull place a few days ago. have some time theses days so i wanted to look at some photos of intusiasts like me. i had no idea that there is such an outstanding place full of true photography lovers. thanks for those who run this place and to all who joy this celabration.
my main interset is bw photo. like many of u i do all the work myself. my ispirations are:
great photographers like stieglitz, penn. kudelka and so many others to list at once...
the pure joy by the process of photography
and, of course, the things that i see and think.
i hope very soon, after scanning the prints etc. i will post them and their conceptual context to share with u and to let u critisize my works. i also would be happy to be helpfull for other intusiats.
again, many thanks for this place (apug.org) and hope to join soon not just as a member on the list.