We try to get our workshop students to do the One A Day exercise:

Each day, make the time to go make one, and only one, exposure. Take your time and make it the best that you can do. Try to do it at different times of day, in different places, in different light. But be disciplined and make one each and every day.

This one exposure is over-and-above any other photography you may do that day, and any other photography doesn't count as your one for that day. It must be a specific, conscious exercise.

When you process and proof them, look hard at each one. How could it be better? Go make it again and improved, if you want, but not as a one-a-day.

Then, make a project for yourself that at the end of one year, you'll hang a show of your 15 best one-a-days. We have a local bagel shop that hangs stuff by local photographers. My friend Richard Ritter hung a show in a gallery of his one-a-days.

I guarantee that if you hold to the discipline of trying to see photographically each and every day, your photographs will improve dramatically.

Speaking from experience, holding to the discipline is really hard. But worth it.