my plan is to do something "photographic" every single day. i got hurt at work a few years ago, and now face a second surgery with a fairly lengthy recovery time. since i have nothing else to do (besides collect workers comp benefits and go to the doctor's office), i've been more creatve with my work. yesterday for example, i worked on my website and caught up on developing ALL of my film that was waiting to be done. today, i have 15 rolls of negatives hanging in my darkroom. going out this morning to check on them felt great.

today, i plan on making a few prints, experimenting with halo chrome (again) and maybe even going to the store and picking up some gold toner.

when there are days when i'm busy with appointments, i'll take along a camera, be it 35mm or, oh no, my leica d-lux 2, since it can fit in my pocket.

there are plenty of ways to make it affordable. freestyle has great deals on arista brand for poor folks like myself.

maybe not everyone can do something EVERY day, but try. it takes a few minutes to develop that roll of 35mm, so why not get up 15 minutes earlier and do it before work.