MY name is Ron and I have just relocated to the Finger Lakes region of New York. I spent the last five years living in the Adirondacks of New York. I'm recently retired from the local electric utility. I got my start in photography while in the Navy in the mid 60's. Most of my photo work at that time was mug shots and crime scene photography. This assignment brought me into contact with the people at the photo lab and that is where I learned most of the basics.
Most of my work is land scape work. We have a large Amish population in this area and they make very good subject matter for my black and white work. Yes I know that the Amish do not want their pictures taken, but if done properly there isn't a problem with violating their wishes. no head on shots.
In this area we have the Finger Lakes National forest and the Montezuma National wild life Refuge. This has given me easy opportunity to shoot wild life which I have done for several years.
My equipment consist of three Yashica TLR's and two Minolta 35's with tele lens. I also have a digital camera that I use the same as if it were a Polaroid. Good for a quick grab shot but not much for quality.
Any way I'm happy to know that there are several people out there still using film base for their work.