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I tried Lenox 100 with Zia and can NOT get that paper to work. I have nice, repeatable results with Cranes, but Lenox 100 seems to drink up the emulsion. Thoughts?

I&#39;ve only done a little Zia on Lenox. What I found was higher than normal contrast with lower than normal speed (not a bad thing for zia, it makes the contrast similar to develop-out) with charcoal-black neutral color. How are you coating the Lenox? It likes lots of humidity and a long period of brushing. It might do badly coated in a dry room with a tube. 65-70% humidity seems ideal. You could also try an oxalic acid pre-treatment. I don&#39;t find Lenox *needs* this, but it might help if you&#39;re having coating problems. I&#39;ve found it is a bit more absorbent than, say, Platine, but just about in line with Cranes Cover in terms of drop counts. I&#39;ve done an enormous amount of develop-out printing on Lenox using this coating, and the few tests I tried with zia chemicals did just fine, noting as above the relatively low speed and high contrast.