Well, it looks like my old Nikon FA finally bit the dust. Back in 1999, it developed a problem where the camera would go completely dead after firing the shutter. Sometimes I was able to get it to work again by switching the shutter speed dial to one of the two mechanical shutter settings, or by removing and replacing the batteries. A CLA seemingly fixed the problem, but every once in a while the same thing happened.

I replaced it with an F100 in 1999 soon after it started having problems, but recently I decided to pull the FA out again. After some tests, it looked like everything was going well, but before long, it quit, same problem. This time I wasn’t able to get it working again no matter what I did (and yes, I put in fresh batteries).

So, I’m curious what others do with cameras that are irreparable. I was thinking of offering it on eBay as a “parts camera,” as I hate to just toss it in the trash. Any thoughts?

- Robert