at the end of january, i went to the home of a photographer who was trying to start up a non-digital camera club. he had big ideas and big opinions. he had a few meetings, frustration from people who never responded to phone calls or emails, and two groups of attendees (one of which wanted to meet on week nights, the other on week ends).

this was the second incantation of such a group i've seen. last year i attended a few meetings that was a much younger crowd, mostly students.

so this week i learned the recent group is basically disbanded. i emailed everybody, excluding the original organizer. there is still some interest. i pitched, if people wanted a place to discuss or organize. i didn't think the web needed another photography discussion site.

my initial thoughts, things i want to focus on:
- consistency.. predictable frequency, one place to go for information. meet more frequently/regularly at first until there is interia
- come up with a template (discussion, prints, hands-on, outings, etc) and publish minutes so people see the activity, hopefully sparking interest
- market, more than just one place. communicate frequently.

i think the flaws of the previous meetings ive been to were:
- meetings without structure or agenda. even a simple agenda gives some sort of flow to a meeting. you publish what happened so the next meeting can build on it, right?
- infrequent communication. the group last year, i never knew what was going on. the more recent attempt..
- decision by committee, one of my pet peeves. i'm usually not one to get up and speak in a group (ignore this email for now..). i think im annoyed to the point at which i'll just make a decision and move forward, taking constructive criticism as i go (and hide my nervousness).

being a rather quiet and reserved person, i'm about 40% excited and 60% intimidated by my own actions

I am still in brainstorming phrase. basically, i was curious if others have started regularly meeting groups. what worked, what didn't? did you meet somewhere publically or private?