I would like opinions on a 400 ASA color print film that will be digitally printed.

In a month I will be in Rome for a week. Not totally a photo type trip but will bring a camera. Want to use my Xpan 45 & 90. In the past, on photo trips (i.e. ones I can carry a tripod) I have had satisfying results using Fuji Reala (ASAS 100), developing with Tental C-41 chemistry at home with a Jobo, scaning negatives on a Nikon scanner, printing on a Espon 2200.

For this trip I would like to use a small Xpan kit but will have no tripod (hard to use in Rome, can't reliably carry it on a plane (no checked luggage) and would take away from focus of trip - spouse). The Xpan lenses are not speed demons (f/4 at tops) so for using the camera hand held, a faster film would be in order.

I do not wish to go faster than 400 as lately I have just stopped worrying about Xray screening, let them scan and have had no issues with 400 B&W film but did not wish to push my luck with 800 ASA film.

What suggestions do you have for a 400 ASA film that will scan well, has fine grain and has good color saturation for general use? Kodak UC appears to be something that might work. The various "wedding" films (Fuji and Kodak) also sound appealing. Any help will be appreciated.