I was going to enter a local competition sponsored by the city but then I read in the details that they retain the winning photos for "non commercial" uses. I backed down. There is no cash prize or anything just a bit of fame but that could be importand for a new photographer like me. I just don't want to give away my photos, especially if they are going to be used for god-knows-what. Atleast they say non commercial and could be all innocent like displaying the photo on the local arts center, but that also limits a lot the photos I wouldn't mind being disposed like that. I mean, if you have some photos that you consider winners why would you want to give them away like that?

This is a yearly arts competition that includes many disciplines from literature to instrument making. And its the only city sponsored one, so its kinda importand here.

What do you think? Should I still do it by trying to find a photo or two that would hurt me less to give away or should I hold on to my work?