I have gotten a few responses so far, actually enough to make me think I should plan something. What I am thinking about is a shoot at the Prallsville Mills complex in Stockton, NJ. It is part of the state park system, but is run by the Delaware River Mill Society, a non-profit organization, and I am a member of that organization. I became a business member so I could use the mill facilities, both inside and out, to photograph models. The administrators have been wonderfully cooperative in letting me have access to the facilities.

My idea is to meet at the mill and photograph outside. There are numerous 18th to early 20th century buildings in the complex, all suitable for good photography. The Delaware River is right there, as well as the Delaware and Raritan Canal. At the end of the day, we can decide if we like the location well enough for me to plan something bigger and more involved and arrange to use the inside of the mill for presentations, demonstrations, and displays. There are a lot of possibilities there. If we do go to a big program where we book the mill for an all day, or two day, event, then we would either have to pay them or make a donation. Since this is well into the future, I am not even looking into that yet.

Again, member interest will determine what we do and how involved it eventually becomes. Just let me know what the interest is.