Gnome was a long-established manufacturer of photographic equipment based in Wales and stayed active until at least some time in the 1980s.

The Alpha was one of Gnome's long-lived models, and if in good condition and properly set up, I cannot see how it can be lacking in performance in any way.

When you examine the unit, please check a few important things:

The lamphouse assembly was made from spun aluminium, and if they had received strong impact, they can deform somewhat and makes the light bulb fail to centre at the optical axis. Second, the enlarger was available as a diffuser type without condensers, but condensers were offered as optional extra; it would be to your advantage to find the correct condensers included as well.

At the time of manufacture, Gnome had a tendency to supply lenses of rather modest performance, and that is one thing you need to look into as well; replacing the lens with a more modern unit will enhance performance but you have to make sure that you have the correct screw fitting to do so.

Of course, like most earlier enlargers, I would give it a complete strip-down and give it a ground-up reassembly, making sure that everything is aligned correctly so as to ensure optimal performance.