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Hmmm....I shoot8x10 Hp5 @ 200. Process in D76 1:1 for 13 minutes in JOBO CPA. These negs print fine on Azo #3. I used to over process my negs heavily and they printed fine with this printer set up. I don't over process anymore and my normal negs are now taking over an hour to print. That's why I began to suspect the glass. But, from what you all are saying it most likely isn't the glass. I don't have access to a densitomiter. All truth be told, I'd like to just by one of Edwards HO printers. Though, I'd rather sink the cash in more paper and pt/pd instead. Thanks so much for the help so far.

Typically when one develops film to the density range required for Azo and Pt-pd the increased development will support more closely the mfg box rating on film speed. In shooting the film at 200 rather then 400 and not knowing where you are placing your shadows it would appear that your negatives are exposed more heavily then required. When you mention that you are printing the negatives on Azo grade three it would indicate that your negative density range is somewhere near 1.10 (that is what my tests on Azo grade three indicate). I would think that a likely scenario is that your negatives are overexposed and underdeveloped. Therefore you have a negative with greater then needed overall density and lower then optimal contrast.