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I have about 20 rolls of E6 film that I want to have processed, but no processing facilities around here. Thought about just doing it myself. What kits would you recommend? How hard is it to keep everything the right temperature in a water bath? How bad *are* the chemicals? I know to wear gloves, but are there any other precautions I should take?

Just want to know from people who've done it.

And by the way, I was thinking of using the Photocolor 3 bath kits from B&H. Good idea or bad idea?

I wouldn't reccomend processing E-6 for the sake of improving your photography. Processing e-6 is relatively easy but no one has mentioned mounting the slides if that is your goal. Slide mounting is a very tedious and boring job (along with most aspects of darkroom work.) After all of the time spent processing and mounting you would be better off using a good processing lab via mail if you have too.

You might check with your local retail film processing centers and find out what labs do their slide processing and deal with the lab directly. Shoot a test roll and submit it for processing. More than likely they will do a decent job since the lab is geared up for it.

OTOH, if you want to purchase a Jobo for B&W development your money will be well spent.