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Have you tried approaching the photography dept at Chiba university? I'm sure that the traditional photo people there would be sympathetic to your problem. Try speaking to Professor Kubo (now retired I think), or his wife, who is still teaching there.

Thanks for the info and your concern. I'll try that.

I'm relatively new to the existing Japanese photographic community if there is, and I guess I was being too polite in a way, a Japanese way. I've regretted that I didn't make enough effort to contribute anything to it, other than harshly criticizing it.

It's just that bad that someone like me has to feel this way. You know I'm just like any other guy who loves analog photography. I have my own darkroom with a fair amount of equipment, and I'm okay. But it's for other fellows who could easily lose the access based on the apathy and disinterest by the mass population.

I remember years ago back in the U.S., when Giuliani, former NYC mayor tried to lose some controversial art work from the exhibition in the museum, a lot of people including art students marched through Manhattan to stop him. It was relatively a small event and didn't take anything special to get them involved, but it just caught a lot of their attention, so it had an impact.

People gather and raise their voices in a healthy society, but I'm not seeing what I would normally see anywhere around here. Oh, well...