Thanks, Bob, for answering JJC's question. I trhink any APUG member should be welcome to any APUG event. If it's a LF shoot and someone wants to shoot MF, that's fine. Maybe there is a future convert in the mix. Remember... film rules.

I contacted the Delaware River Mill Society asking which weekends would be busy with events at the Mill. I don't want to plan anything that will conflict with anything going on there at the time. When I hear back from them I will propose a date.

Rural Hunterdon County presents a lot of photo opportunities. Within five miles of the mill there are literally hundreds of places for good photography. I would suggest that we begin at the Mill and photograph as much as we want to there. There is enough for a full day of shooting at that location. If anyone gets antsy, I can direct them to other locations.

There are three places to eat in Stockton, but if there's interest, I can arrange to have a lunch wagon come at noon to one o'clock if there is a concern about having to pack up equipment and set up again after lunch.

Keep posted for future updates.