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Thanks for the article. Where does one obtain glyoxal? What is it, and what precautions are required in its handling, heating and use?
BTW YOU are the reason I'm in this mess, stripped of my net worth. I took your Yosemite Platinum course in 2000 and now have all my assets in potassium chloroplatinite. I won't stop until I get your fabulous results.
Hey GW,

Ummm.... sorry? Although I hear this alot "it's your fault I bought a bigger camera, spent all my kids college money on platinum and palladium, my wife left me because I was always in the darkroom..."

You can get Glyoxal from B&S, Artcraft chemical and probably other places as well. I don't know much more about it than what I posted before. It's thought to be less hazardous than formaldehyde, but I don't know that it's been studied nearly as much. I use formaldehyde as a hardener and wear nitrile gloves and a respirator with cartridges specifically for formaldehyde. Standard acid/gas type cartridges don't protect for formaldehyde.

Hang in there. It'll come together if you really want it to. I'm teaching gum-platinum in Yosemite in December... Oh, nevermind.