Hi all,

This is a bit cheeky of me to come on here and start poaching visitors but...

127 is an awesome film format that we're in danger of loosing. It offers a negative which is almost medium format in a package that is compact enough to tote around like a 35mm.

As a 127 fan (who has collected a few too many cameras), I've found an almost total lack of 127 specific information on the web - it often falls between the cracks (as here - there is a 35mm (minature) group, and a medium format group - wither "small" format!).

I've therefore collected together all of the information I've found on 127, and set up a website dedicated to the format - the aim being to provide a focus for 127 users, and spread the word that these camera's are still viable.


I've posted a few galleries, and set up a simple forum, but for this to work I need support from the community - 127 users need to stick together, so if you're working with the format, please check over there and post a message (or email me some stuff for a gallery).



(with appologies for the intrusion - I'm not trying to steal users from the board, but 127 needs a place of its own).