ed, i found that the new agfa 400 (the apx) is a better one than the old. aesthetically both are about the same, but the new one can be enlarged without worry to 12/16". that is very important to me cause i really had problems with it (with the pan that is sold bulck). u also can push this film. agfa says to 1600, but i think that the 800 is very good. about the development - personally i like to be with this film a bit violent - rodinal 1+25 on well exposed 400 with extended development. the grain and mood is outstanding on this film. it is old primintive grain that i like so much on this film. with the last verssion of this film it enlarges very good as well - in all formats, the best of course is to make enlargement big enough (like 11/14 of 35mm or 20/24 on 69cm). the enlargement (like those) shoes the character of the film and a quality to the print.
as a general purpose fast film i wouldnt recomend it anyway. i think that hp5 or for those how like modern ones (like delta and tmax) is a much better choice. but again.. if u want temperament of the film - it is apx400.
by the way, the elargement works best with the condesner of course.