I think Jorge is working on such an adaptation. Maybe he'll chime in here.

The attractions of the P or P2 are that it's sturdy and has precise movements including yaw-free asymmetric tilts and swings, and the mode of attachment is simple--just a post on the rear standard bearer and a set screw on the back, and you can cannibalize a defunct Sinar bellows for the front bellows frame, and it won't in any way prevent you from using the camera in the normal way. You can also add as much rail as you want easily, and another tripod mount if necessary. You can also attach two tripod mounts to a baseplate attached to one tripod head for more support than a single mount, but more flexibility than a two-tripod arrangement.

Cameras that have a U-shaped support for the rear standard require that you make a wider U-shaped bracket for the ULF back. Cameras with an L-shaped bracket might make it difficult to center the ULF back properly with the front standard, requiring a new L-shaped bracket. The Sinar P and P2 avoid these complications, because you can drill the hole on the back for the mounting post on the standard bearer anywhere you want to.