I think we are haunted by a romantic vision of the "photojournalist." The now long dead picture weeklies, Life, Look, Saturday Evening Post, Colliers, etc. are gone and they're not coming back. The thing about them was that *everyone,* from blue collar workers to society's elite, subscribed. They were a ubiquitous common currency of most of the population of the US. Also, they stayed around the house for at least a week, and most often a lot longer than that. What a venue for the photo-essay! Nothing like it exists today. The internet is too vast and it's hard to imagine that any single site will ever approaching having the number of viewers of the picture weeklies. Even if it did the website visit would be brief compared to looking at a magazine and then later picking it up and flipping through it again. The market for books is primarily an art market. So, of course, are gallery and museum walls. So what's left? I can't think of anything that even remotely qualifies as an outlet for potentially effective, socially conscious photojournalism.