Wow... what a cool forum. And, Sean... what a cool camera!

I have a couple of old plate cameras, two different sizes, and a bunch of plate holders that I picked up in England many years ago. Not long ago I bought a T-P tripod that fits the proprietary (I think) tripod mount.

They've been gathering dust in a closet because the Thornton Pickard shutters are shot. The roller blind material is hard and crusty, and the axles for the rollers are a bit rusty. One day I plan on tearing into them and rebuilding them, but haven't really much of a clue about how they are constructed. My hope is that they are relatively self-explanatory.

Does anyone have experience/advise regarding the rebuild of these shutters?

Can anyone explain how the air release works? I seem to recall reading somewhere that it was a closed rubber tube that fit under the half-round clip on the left side of the shutter and somehow expanded to cause the shutter to trip.