I would like to get some advise on how to get to the next level of enlarging. I shoot medium format, B&W film exclusively. At the moment I am producing good looking prints to the untrained eye with a few looking good to the trained eye. My goal is to consistently make excellent prints to the trained eye. I realize there are two elements in achieving this: 1) utilizing my brain correctly; and 2) utilizing good materials and equipment.

My current set up consists of an Omega D2 enlarger with an Arista V54 cold light (emits both green and blue light), and the best Rodenstock lens. My enlargements are timed using a very basic Bessler timer.

I print with Agfa MCC 111 paper using Formulary 130 developer and a two-bath TF-4 stop/fixer. Final prints are regularly tone with KRST. All chemicals are mixed using distilled water.

I really like the look of the prints, but it does take some time getting there considering test strips, changing contrast filter, dodging and burning, etc. I am thinking that I can realize greater savings in time and materials if I upgrade some of my equipment.

Am I better off getting an f/stop timer/analyzer such as the Analyzer Pro made by RH Designs or should I be looking at upgrading my enlarger? Are there other factors I am not considering? Your comments are greatly appreciated.