Even though Mamiya list the lens coverage as fairly large I doubt any lenses beyond a 150mm lens would work for LF due to vignetting at the rear of the lens mount. I ran into the same problem with using mamiya press lenses for 4x5. The numbers must be for the optics only. I looked at photos of the 180, 250, 350 and 500 and none of them look like they would work without vignetting.

Actually the 150 rear element is a little recessed, so it is possible it could vignette also.

The 90mm looks like it barely covers 4x5, so no movements and the 127mm lens probably would work also, but I dont have a 127mm lens laying around to look at.

I think also another downer is the weight. My RB 90mm lens weighs almost 2#.

3 rb lenses would weigh more than my super graphic with a 150mm G-Claron lens.

It an interesting idea though.