I am in the market for an enlarger, ideally able to print up to 6x9, but 6x6 would be fine. I have been looking for weeks and the only thing that fit my requirements were a Automega D-3 I saw in a second hand camera shop. It comes with 3 wollensak lens.

I have considered this offer to be expensive (almost half month's pay!) and also the thing looks well used. But now I really want to get back into my printing and really would like to get started.

I live in China so there is very little chance of getting parts like neg carrier and other asscessorie without cost prohibitive shipping. I don't mind spending time adjusting and rebuilding the thing but I really need to make sure everything is present. This is my first purchase in a "professional" enlarger and so I am very bewildered with all the asscessories that I need to make this work.

So what I want to find out from you Apugers is what I will have too look out for on this enlarger and also what parts I need to make sure is present if I do part with hard earned cash to take this out of the shop. Also if anybody is still using this ancient beast I would appreciate some feedback on how the D-3 handles.

Many Thanks!