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I like it! Good job. Now the problem. So far, the smallest mill bit I can find is 1/8" diameter that cuts a 3/16" slot. That's too big. I need smaller (like an 1/8"). Unless I haven't looked in the right places. I suspect the part that I'm trying to replicate (100yrs old) was stamped on a press, that made 10,000 of them. I need one. Oh well.
You can get end mills as small as .010 (IIRC), typically 2 flute, solid carbide. My usual source for these is ebay, however wholesale tools (www.wttool.com) as well as enco (www.use-enco.com) have them when I'm getting low and need one right away, look for carbide end mills. I must warn you to be sitting down, they're not cheap.