I think that photography schools have to teach students marketable skills. Therefore digital is the way to go since it is the way of the future and virtually every commercial photography business is digital.

Someone training to be a truck driver today does not learn how to drive a mule team.

I also think that analog should be taught as well and that courses should be available for everyone to learn these techniques. But when one goes to school for a degree, they should come out with marketable skills and fortunately or unfortunately digital is where the future is going.

Right now we are on the cusp of the changeover from traditional to digital. In ten years analog may be just a fine art or hobbiests pursuit.

An architectural student should learn how to use a slide rule and make drawings but his focus should be using the computer to learn and make his drawings on.

I think the US Navy has a program where sailors spend a certain amount of time learning to sail on large sailboats.

So my point is, the schools need to make people marketable but teaching the tradition is also an asset.