I took 2 classes from my local university. Photo 1 was pretty standard stuff, but when I got to Photo 2 it was all digital darkroom. I was really disappointed. On one hand it was great to learn photoshop and gain some skills, but I was really bummed about not getting to make real prints. It was also frustrating because there were only about 3 of us who were really into photography not just trying to skate by.

Last week I started a Photo 3 The Expressive Print class offered by the Museum School at the Arkansas Arts Center. Wow! I really should have gone back and taken the Photo 2 the Museum offered. There are 4 of us in the class and two of them are focusing on printing for shows they have coming up. The irony is that the Museum School is working with older, donated equipment on a shoestring budget but totally committed to traditional photography while the University with its two roomy darkrooms has 8 brand new Beseler 45MXT's and 8 fairly new Omegas, but most of the classes spend their time in the computer lab. Even the Large Format class is digital darkroom--crazy!

I am just excited to have access to a darkroom again and be around people that I can learn from and who care about traditional photography. I am 34 and the rest of the class is 45 and older. There may be some young whippersnappers in the other classes though. I am hoping to recruit some of these folks to APUG so they can share the joy.