Anybody has any idea why I am having so much trouble dissolving Ferric Oxalte? I bought a new bottle from B&S about a month ago, the first time I made a batch it went great, but now I have tried 4 times and it wont dissolve. I called B&S and Keving Sullivan was really nice and promised to replace the powder, but I am still concerned as to why this happened.

I did manage to dissolve it after about 1 hour and at very high temperatures, but I did the ferricyanide test and it showed ferrous oxalate present, no doubt because of all the stirring and heating the ferric oxidized. So that went down the drain.

Any things I should be looking for? does the addition of oxalic acid make any difference? should I skip adding oxalic acid? maybe oxalic acid lowers the solubility constant, but as I said I had no problem with my first batch even adding the oxalic acid.