In the Detroit Area there are three undergrad programs you can attend; Wayne State, CCS and U of M. Wayne has an emphasis on traditional methods, but is not well regarded, the other two are fairly well regarded, and lean toward digital. There is a Photography graduate program at Cranbrook (as well as the the other 3) that is considered very good. At a recent pro lab auction (Color Detroit for those familiar) the place was crawling with people from Cranbrook looking to buy enlarger's lenses and other trad equipment.

The community college just outside of Detroit, OCC, has a very good 2 year program that is split between traditional and digital -- slightly more trad than digital.

I don't believe any program worth its salt ignores craft -- be it grammar in an english program or presentation in an art program.

IMO, at the college level it is really dependent upon the department heads and money. Cranbrook, CCS, OCC have good heads and deep pockets.