Hi, all. Japan's Ministry of Energy, Technology, and Industry has virtually requested the public that it seeks information on photographic equipment in the following categories:


Print Developers

Slide Projectors

This is due to Japanese government's agenda to limit and ban the sales and resales of old electronics by enforcing a new product-safety law, which I lately had run a thread about.


But they still consider "vintage" equipment to be excluded from the list, even though I've found out they did not consulted with any experts and professionals to select the items for the list.

Their making a vintage equipment list sounds stupid, but more importantly the fact that they have neglected the job again makes me really angry and worried at the same time. My concern is, as I have already expressed, having a fear of Japan's traditional photographic community and market starting to slim rapidly.

So, giving the government officials a good list of the items suggested by photographers from all around the world is ideal, and what they want choose not choose is up to them. Anything that's rare to find, hard to fix, and/or considered valuable is what they are asking in the first place, but new items can be included also according to their own definition of the word "vintage."

Since last night I've been doing online research of the enlargers first that have been made and used world-wide. But I have not been able find one good site with all enlargers from all brands listed in a chronological order.

That's partly because the sellers have a list of the items currently available, but not the ones discontinued. Repair shops have certain older models but not all of the ones once available in the market. So, it's hard to organize them all by myself, and this is going to be a big list.

So, I''d like to ask each one of you a big favor. Will you post the names of enlargers with details on this thread? Write brand names, the names/model#s of the enlargers, and the years they are made.

Please post the links for the resources if available. If you have and/or know the books that I can refer to, please write them down, too. That will be helpful.

Here's so far I've got:




45MXII, 45MXT, 45MXX, 45VXL



A300, CLS30 Dichrotic color head, Modular70 pro, M370, M601, M605, M805, L1200



Valoy, Valoy II
Focomat Ia, Ib, Ic, IIa, IIc, II (modified for American military), V35


A2, A3, A6
B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8, B9, B10, B22, B66, B600, B635
CII, C67, C700, C760, ChromegaE, ChromegaF, ConceptSix
DII, D2, D2V, D3, D4,, D5XL Universal Condenser, D5XL Super Chromega Dichroic, D5-XL Super Chromega Dichroic Enlarger with Chromegatrol, D6, D5500
E3, E4, E5, E6
SuperB, SuperC


It's still skimpy as you can laugh.

So, please add more information, make correction and suggestions, etc. Anything you could contribute to this thread would be so helpful.

Thank you very much in advance.