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From what you describe you need a softer tonal range and just switching to the Ware formula will most likely give just as contrasty or more contrasty results. Why not try the citirc acid first.
(Btw, in my first comment I seem to have repeated some of your suggestion; I overlooked your first post)

The Ware process gives a considerably longer tonal scale than normal cyanotype, you can even print negs which work as salt prints, or Pt/pd pop. Its tonal scale is just as rich as any platinum print might be, and the darkest blue is very nearly black, giving the picture a richness and luminance which may be achievable - or nearly so - also with normal cyanotype, but only with special precautions, making the process more complicated as its reputation would have it.

In my view, New cyanotypes have two disadvantages: 1) the process is very sensitive to the paper base, and generally more difficult to coat, 2) - I think, though I have only made one or two very preliminary tests - they don't tone as well as normal cyanotypes.

Mike Ware gives very good instructions on his website, though I use hydrochloric acid instead of nitric for the first bath, because it is easier for me to get (he used to recommend this also, but changed it).