This is just a note to those that responded last time. I have determined a number of things that have been making my prints fuzzy when enlarging to 11x14. One: Moving Technica to bed mount instead of body mount to center the weight. Two: Longer cable release to alleviate alot of the extra movement from my hand. Three: Alignment of my enlarger.

I have a beautiful, clean, clear, crisp image of some aspen trees. On the easel one side is absolutely pin sharp, the other side was fuzzy. I lifted up the fuzzy side of the easel and guess what came into super sharp focus!!!!

I did the easy test and put a level on all the important parts and it showed at least 1/4 inch difference from front to back.

After reading the test about printing a test pattern I believe I will try that since I dont have the lazer type and the only guy that I know that has one is out of town for a while.

Thanks for all the input on the last post.