I use Reala extensively and sometimes wished for a faster film. Whilst in Germany in January I saw some Fuji Super G Plus 800 ASA for 1 Euro a roll.

I couldn't resist at that price so I bought a doz rolls and went shooting. I returned to my base in Germany after a few days away and got the a film processed. I was very surprised at how fine a grain I got when exposing the film at 400 ASA. I immediately purchased anothe 12 rolls for 12 Euros and have been exceedingly pleased with my prints since.

I develop and print my own film.

As you may be wishing for a faster film on some days this could be a viable alternative with F4 lenses.

A couple of wedding photographers use Fuji's 400 Superia and swear by it. They have their film scanned and printed quite successfully.