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Slide rules are no longer manufacturered in the U.S. and possibly the world.

What's good for the mind is not always what's good for business. While I agree that learning any craft is enhanced by studying and even mastering traditional approaches, our world today doesn't offer much promise economically for a person to take their time and be well rounded and versatile.

The original concept of the technology revolution, as well as the now over a century old industrial revolution, was to provide us with convenience so we could spend our time pursuing more leisurely lives, and using our already cluttered minds for more cereberal processes. Unfortunately what really happened was that we created our lifestyles around the technology. (who says the human race has evolved anyway?)

So, now our lives are not only dependant on the technology, but we spend most of our time trying to keep up with it. It rules us.

For those rare folks who realize the need to slow down and be more careful and methodical about what they create, few will jump to reward them, but the reward for that approach is more introspective and personal. All aspects of society today function in the digital mode - either on or off.
When you take the time to see the tonal shades of gray, you more easily understand the path of getting from nothing to something.

It is not horrible to function in the all digital techno world of today, but in the long run, a bit less fullfilling. (BTW, I'm not just referring to photography)