To answer the original question of "why don't many photographer tell their "story" or the "why" behind their images"

i think there are many reasons. Some photographers want the images to communicate on their own. Some may just be lazy. Some may be self-critical of the process what went into taking/making the image. Some may not have an interesting story or 'why'.

I would think the majority falls into the last catagory. A description may look like this:
"I went to take a photo of the golden gate bridge. I planted my tripod at the tourist lookout and set my camera to autoexposure. I framed the bridge and took one image. I knew it was good so I left."
or like this:
"I was on my morning walk and I saw this really cool X, so I took a photo and it turned out great"

I think that most photographers take photos of things they find , rather than pre-planning every detail of the image and artistic intention. And they are just happy to have a nice sharp image (or fuzzy, as the trend seems to be lately) they can show their friends.