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I should have the 7x17 Sinar camera Richard Ritter made for me in a few days. I'l let you know when I receive it and you can come take a look. I think it will be at least as nice as the Glennview product, actually probably nicer. The bellows should be better and it has a bail back. It was also MUCH less expensive.

For everyone else- I'll post photos of it as soon as I can.

Richard Wasserman

Please post photos as soon as you can. Richard is also going to make the back for my 7x17 ARCA-SWISS conversion. I chose to use the ARCA-SWISS as the basis for my 7x17 camera because I previously built a smaller 4x10 version and am extremely pleased with the way it turned out. It is an absolute joy to use. I think a 7x17 based on an ARCA is probably more compact and possibly lighter than one based on a Sinar (assuming similar features and specs in terms of bellows draw, etc.), but there is a LOT of used Sinar gear turning up on eBay these days.

Be it ARCA or Sinar, I like the idea of a ULF camera that rides on a modern monorail chassis. Rigidity, bellows extension and movements are all superior to an 80 year old banquet camera, and given what used Sinar gear is selling for on eBay these days, probably cheaper to boot. It's also easy to get accessories (extension rails, lensboards, etc.). Heck, with the Sinar you're already set-up to use barrel lenses with the Sinar behind-the-lens shutter, too. I plan to mostly use lenses in shutters with my camera, but I do have a Sinar shutter that I have adapted to work with my ARCA-SWISS.

Which Sinar did you use as the base for your camera? Mine is an amalgamation of ARCA-SWISS parts from various cameras.