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What about a private blacklist maintained by the print exchange coordinators?
That's what we have.
You could ask for a reason from the non-contributing participant which is then put to a poll for the people who were participating in the exchange.
It's up to the individual organizers how they want to handle daedbeats. If I get a PM, I'll send a PM to the person concerned. Most say they will send their print and do, but a small few eventually don't respond.

Remember these PMs are sent long after the due date and only after PMs have been sent by the recipients or organizers. Many are active posters though - one even asked for donations of darkroom equipment and materials.

A few have left APUG permanently. One in the Blind Exchange, where I felt bad for the jilted recipient, whom I recruited to participate, I sent him a print personally.

I'm not into more work for the organizers with the poll thing. We're volunteers as it is and people should honour their committments like adults or PM the organizer if they can't. If the person asked gives a reason, fine, but when they don't respond, that's another matter.

I know I would be disappointed if I put the effort into making a print for an exchange and didn't receive one in return however there will be cases where the reason is legitimate.
There are maybe two people that I would put into the category of 'deadbeat waiver', the rest should just stop procrastinating, get printing and send their print(s).

People on the deadbeat list will not be allowed to particpate in any print exchange, by agreement of all the print exchange organizers.

We may want to extend that to any member organized function?

Regards, Art.